Vanity International is an identity design firm that creates and/or perfects your brand. Ideally, your toll-free and local numbers all complement your Internet presence; then, like Rome, all roads lead to you.”
Since its inception in 1993, Vanity has developed compelling brands and response strategies for Fortune 500 companies, large consumer businesses, and even several major telephone companies. You can email Loren Stocker, Loren a@t 800.net or Loren a@t TollFreeMarket.com

The “toll-free” summit first held in Chicago in November 2009 was a vision that many of us have had and discussed over the years. While we organized this event, it was the collaboration among some of the largest and most respected toll-free organizations that made this event possible. Our second summit was held in April 2011 in San Diego and the last ever “toll-free” summit was held back in Chicago Nov 2013— to celebrate the 20th anniversary of toll-free number portability.

The first ever Hybrid Telephony Summit— powered by toll-free— was held in September 2014 to kick off the addition of smart services and, one day, visual telephony. Together we will shape the future of toll-free.